Shema Israel Tag Pendant

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Sterling silver\white gold tag pendant, set with diamond, with "Shema Israel" engraving.
Made In: Israel
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Shema Israel Tag Pendant
Shema Israel Tag Pendant
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Product Details
Sterling silver\white gold tag pendant, set with diamond, with "Shema Israel" engraving.

This unique jewelry holds the significance and strength of the two most powerful Jewish icons, as the diamond in the front side is crowned with "Magen David", Shema Israel and on the other face engraved the "Shema Israel" holy sentence Shema Israel Hear, O Israel (Deuteronomy 6:4)

Significance and Merits The diamond represents nature hardest material, thus motivate good health and positive energies. This natural force of a diamond combines with the defensive quality of the David's Shields and then intensified by the most ancient call for God's attendance, the known Hear, O Israel pray. This phrase was used for the first time by Moses, before his death, when he address the People of Israel in the desert, and later on was used as the most intensive pray for for God's attention.

This phrase is being said constantly every morning and every evening before getting ready to sleep.

Over the Jewish generations, this phrase considered the last words a dying person should bear on his lips as he gives away his soul and die for protecting the Jewish way of life.

When Moses used this phrase, his intention was to show those that questioned the presence of God and still doubted His redemption, that they should acknowledge God with the proper admiration in order to receive his blessings, both material and spiritual. From that moment, it was accepted and considered the most powerful method to call for His Deliverance.

*Comes with a jewelry box and Certificate of Warranty (1 year).

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