Star of David Pendant

Star of David PendantOver the years the Star of David has gained unprecedented popularity for the simple reason that it holds so much depth and meaning. Even in ancient times, the Mishnah mentions how the Star of David pendant was proven to ward of the evil eye protect health, bring monetary success and find one's soul mate. The Star of David Pendant is an ancient symettrical Jewish symbol of protection and harmony. Not only is the Star of David  itself on Jewish Jewelry aesthetic in look, it's bearer carries holiness of the Hebrew Shield of David. The bearer of the Star of David on Silver or gold pendants, Silver or Gold rings, has the added factor that these precious metals were used in the Temple and Ark's construction. Using both the elements and Biblical Star of David worn on the body connects the bearer to the ancient Jewish people and the Jewish Homeland, Israel where King David engraved the Star of David on his army's shields.

Jewish Star of David Pendant can carry other distinct Jewish motifs like a Jewish Menorah or Chai Sybmol within Jewish Star of David Pendant or a Hebrew ring. You'll find fine Star of David pendants will carry an array of Jewish Symbols in Jewelry.  The Star of David encapsulates the history of Judaism in a fascinating tale of thousands of years of Jewish history and meaning. The Star of David Pendant carries deep religious symbols and their meaning. Using traditional tools with the ancient Star of David Judaic motifs Jewelry artists combine art and history to produce a relic of Jewish symbol of hope - the Star of David  history and meaning in today's Jewish Jewelry worn by men and women alike.

Jewish Star Pendant Jewelry comes in a variety of classic designs. Star of David Pendants with the Shield of David known as Magen David is a six pointed Star of David. The Star of David pendant represents a list of deep mystical meanings in Judaica Jewelry ranging from the 6 days of creation, 6 directions in space and the intertwined dependencies of the universe.

This particular Star of David Pendant is a Jewelry piece made by hand in Israel. It contains the Menorah Judaic symbol contained within the Star of David. Above it, is another smaller star of david in gold with a diamond stone. 3 dimensional feel as the Menorah hovers over yet within the Gold Magen David symbolizing the closeness of the temple and the light of Torah within Jewish life. Center top Star symbolizes the unity of God. Multiple meanings and Judaic symbols in a single gold pendant with an emphasis on the star of david Judaic symbol. As a result we've classified this pendant under our Jewish Jewelry .. Star of David Pendant.

Star of David bracelets too carry the classic Judaic Star of David symbol. In this bracelet we see alternating symbols of the Hai and the Star of David with alternating opal stones. The opal stone in particular is an Israeli indigenous rock and a favorite in Jewish Jewelry and Judaic Jewelry alike. 

Jewish Star of David Rings is a new trend. Designed in single, and two tone Gold Star of David Rings in 14Kt , 18Kt Gold, and Platinum. Impressive Star of David rings made to order have recently become available in the market. To make rings with this type of precision was virtually impossible until the advent of fine precision machinery. Hand Casting a Star of David on ring wasn't an easy task and often not a good looking piece due to the impossibility to make it's dimensions symmetrical to the naked eye. The image on the left shows the casting precision capabilities in our century that overcame the Star of David precision casting issue.  

Below are samples of other Star of David precision casting designs. From Nano technology to Gemstone and enamel coloring now adorns today's Star of David Jewelry.



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